Thursday, January 31, 2013

RAW DIET WRAP-UP: Pros and Cons

pros and cons
Here is a list of my personal Pros and Cons while experimenting with the Raw Food Diet. I've colour coded each comment based on my experience.

 CON  In order to take advantage of an 80/10/10  raw diet (80% carbs, 10% protein, 10% fat), you have to eat an unreasonable amount of fruits and vegetables. Even after 30 days of practice, I could not consume 3000-3500 calories worth of food daily without feeling full, bloated, and uncomfortable.

 PRO  Eating a raw diet for 30 days helped me to lose over 25 pounds (3% bodyfat) with very little exercise or effort.

 CON  Worrying that I was losing weight too fast, and that I might be losing muscle, I switched from 80/10/10 to 70/20/10, and supplemented my protein with a vegan powder.

 PRO  I never felt hungry while on this diet. A veggie shake could keep me going all day.

 CON  I did not experience the abundance of energy that most raw foodists report. This may be due to the fact that I could not physically consume as much as they did.

 PRO  I tried a lot of new foods and recipes that I wouldn't have otherwise.

 CON  My mood was not consistent throughout the raw diet, but this could be due to a number of external factors, including winter depression.

 PRO  I saved a lot of money on groceries, and discovered a small market where I always shop now.

 CON  The raw food diet did not improve my insomnia.

 PRO  I am now encouraged to eat healthier. And I usually reach for a piece of fruit when I want to snack on something.

 CON  Not being able to have a cup of tea to wake up, or a mug of hot chocolate to warm up, is a hassle I am not willing to live with. Caffeine is a necessary part of my life, and I missed it badly.

 PRO  I now exercise at least a small amount on a daily basis.

 CON  A lot of raw food recipes require exotic ingredients and long prep times, so planning a meal sometimes has to happen days in advance. Eating all the time also takes up a lot of time.

 PRO  I've learned a lot about dietary health while on this diet.

 CON  A raw food diet limits your ability to eat out, and have/attend dinner parties. This can be a pain in the ass, but luckily I live in Toronto, Canada which has a number of raw food restaurants you can eat at.

If I can think of anything else, I'll add it to this list later.

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